Fiber Optic Cables

DFX® Cable, Riser, 2 F, SMF-28® Ultra fiber, Single-mode (OS2)

  • Part Number: 002Z71-31331-24
Corning DFX® cables have two 900 μm tight-buffered fibers surrounded by aramid yarn strength members in a flexible flame-retardant jacket. These cables meet the application requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 770 and are OFNR and FT-4 listed. DFX cables ...

900 µm Buffered Fiber, 1 F, ClearCurve® ZBL, Single-mode (OS2)

  • Part Number: 001U41-31131-BL
Corning 900 µm Buffered Fiber is ideal for pigtail and behind-the-faceplate applications. We offer a selection of buffered fibers with consistent shrink-back and stripping performance to meet your application needs.
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