Fiber Optic Connectivity

Connector Trigger, SC, bulk pack, Duplex

  • Part Number: 95-400-03-BP
  • Units per Delivery: 50/1

Connector Trigger, Narrow Pitch, LC, bulk pack, Narrow Pitch, Duplex

  • Part Number: TRIGGER-BP-NP
  • Units per Delivery: 100/1
These clips convert a standard LC Duplex zipcord jumper to one that will fit into a mini-SFP (or mSFP) transceiver. This is primarily used on 64-port blades.

Reverse Polarity LC UniBoot, Duplex Clip, Bulk Pack, black

  • Part Number: TRIGGER-BP-U-B
  • Units per Delivery: 100/1
All reverse polarity uniboot LC duplex connectors come with a clip that is removable. Corning offers a total of 10 colors to allow for easy link identification or fabric segmentation.
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