OTS-600 Series Optical Test Set

The Corning OTS-600 series is ideal for optical network certification. The unit is designed for testing and troubleshooting of various telecommunication networks, with ease of use achieved using a large color LCD screen, soft-key menus and a testing wizard. While maintaining all the functionality expected from an optical tester, data entry and navigation have been simplified with a keypad similar to a cell phone. The OT-600 series models provide source and meter in one unit to improve bi-directional testing productivity, and the auto wavelength switching and detection feature cuts typical testing time in half while reducing the potential for errors. The power meter has a range of +10 to -70 dBm with 40 calibrated wavelengths. An intuitive step-by-step loss testing wizard walks the user through calculating pass/fail criteria, referencing and setting the file name.

The USB data ports provide convenient transfer of data to OTS-View Windows®-based PC Software for storage, viewing and printing of test results. The OTS-600 series units have data storage for up to 10,000 measurement results, USB data transfer interface and a video inspection probe port. Both the OT-600 and OS-400 series units come standard with a 650 nm visual fault locator (VFL) for convenient troubleshooting of optical networks. The OTS-600 series units are sold individually and as test kits. These kits include two units, an SC source adapter, and SC, LC, and ST® compatible connector meter port adapters. The kits are packaged in a hard case for convenient storage and protection during transit. The Corning OTS-600 series features an intuitive certification wizard which takes the user through testing step-by-step.

Step 1: User selects test standard which will be used to calculate pass/fail thresholds. User can also create and save their own custom criteria where they define the connector pair loss in dB, splice loss in dB and cable loss coefficient in dB/km.
Step 2: According to the reference method selected, the user receives an on-screen diagram to perform reference step.
Step 3: User inputs cable ID/file name.
Step 4: User inputs number of connector pairs, splices, and system length.
Step 5: User can input job information.
Step 6: During the testing, the results are shown in tabular format making it easy for the user to view results. The table conveniently shows any saved data for that fiber, making reviewing and updating results simple and efficient.

Part Number Product Details  
 OM-610Data Storage Add To Materials List
 OT-613QDSource/Meter, Bi-Directional, Dual MM/SM (OM1-4/OS2) Add To Materials List
 OTS-613QDSource/Meter, Dual MM/SM (OM1-4/OS2), Bi-Directional Add To Materials List
 OT-611MDSource/Meter, Bi-Directional, MM (OM1-4) Add To Materials List
 OTS-6MDSDLC, SC and ST® Compatible Add To Materials List
 OTS-600MDSource/Meter, Data Storage, MM (OM1-4) Add To Materials List
 OTS-612SDSource/Meter, Single-mode (OS2), Bi-Directional Add To Materials List
 OT-612SDSource/Meter, Bi-Directional, Single-mode (OS2) Add To Materials List
 OTS-600SDTest Kit, OS-404RXD (1310/1550 nm laser) Source, integrated 650 nm VFL, OM-610 Power Meter, Single-mode (OS2), with Data Storage Add To Materials List

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