CCH Termination Cassettes

CCH cassettes enable fast field termination and easy modular management of connectorization within the housing.

The CCH Splicing Cassette supports fusion splicing of individual or ribbon fibers, with heat shrinks, pigtail slack and cable slack managed within a single space saving footprint. This eliminates the need for individual splice trays or separate splice housings, as well as allowing splicing to be done away from the rack housing in a suitable workspace as needed. The modular design makes it easy to access the fiber in an individual cassette without disturbing the other fibers in the housing. A CCH panel with the desired adapter configuration can be ordered separately and fits easily into the cassette.

A CCH Termination Cassette option with no splice tray, suitable for use with field-installable connectors, is also available.

Each cassette is shipped with 1 rail for use with CCH–01U/2U/3U housings, and 2 rails used with CCH–04U housings. Grommets and cable ties for strain relief, and protective braided tubing for incoming cable are also included. Splicing cassettes ship with 12 single fiber heat–shrink splice protectors.

Part Number Product Details Product Type  
 CCH-CSSplicing, empty, for one CCH panelRack-Mountable Hardware Add To Materials List
 CCH-CFTermination Cassette, empty, for one CCH panelRack-Mountable Hardware Add To Materials List

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