Premises Connector Cabinet

The Corning premises connector cabinet (PCC) is available for up to 24-fiber terminations. The housing is wall-mountable and is ideal for building entrance terminals, wiring closets, computer rooms and other controlled environments. The unit accommodates up to four 6-fiber LDC connector panels. This modular approach allows for easy expansion, high flexibility and future growth. All popular adapters are available.

Each unit is protected with two hinged doors. One door allows access for the end user to reconfigure their connections without exposing the network side. The other door is used by the installer for installation and system maintenance. Strain-relief for incoming cables is provided by cable tie brackets or Corning's innovative universal cable clamps. The PCC also contains mounting provisions for up to three Type 4R or six Type 2R splice trays to allow for pigtail splicing.

Part Number Product Details Units per Delivery  
 PCC-024Capacity for up to 24 fibers1/1 Add To Materials List

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