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Pretium® Connector Housing (PCH), four rack units, holds 12 CCH connector panels

Part Number: PCH-04U

The rack-mount Pretium® connector housings (PCH) are available in 1U, 2U and 4U sizes and mount in 19-in racks or cabinets. Combined with the modules, panels, harnesses, trunks and jumpers, they provide a tip-to-tip solution for your fiber optic network.

Part Number PCH-04U
Product Description Pretium® Connector Housing, 4 rack units, holds 12 CCH connector panels
Height Unit 4U

Features And Benefits

  • Compatible with Plug & Play™ Systems modules
    Designed to support Plug & Play Systems applications
  • Splice in the housing
    Saves rack space and the cost of the second housing
  • Removable top (1U, 2U)
    Maximizes ease of access
  • Transparent front door (04U and 02U)
    Permits viewing while protecting installed patch cords
  • Large removable fiber guides in front
    Effectively manage high patch cord densities

General Specifications

Application Enterprise Networks, Data Center
Mounting Type Rack 19-in, Rack 23-in
Product Type Rack-Mountable Hardware


RoHS Free of hazardous substances according to RoHS 2002/95/EG
UL-Listed United States and Canadian safety standards

Design - Hardware

Housing Type PCH
Housing Color Gray
Fiber Capacity Up to 144 fibers installing FC/SC/ ST® Compatible connectors, or up to 288 installing LC connectors
Height Unit 4U
Locking Availability Front or rear
Number of Panels per Housing 12
Panel or Module Type CCH
Splice Tray Options Splice trays can be used with optional PC4-GOV-SPLC or PC4-SPLC-12SR splice tray holder.

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions (W x D x H) 431.8 mm x 406.4 mm x 177.8 mm (17 in x 16 in x 7 in)

Shipping Information

Units per Delivery 1/1
Packaging Dimensions (W x D x H) 562.1 mm x 482.6 mm x 279.4 mm (22.13 in x 19 in x 11 in )
Shipping Weight 7.5 kg (16.5 lb )
Package Contents Housing; installation guide; 12 blank panels; unit ID label; port identification label for 12 panels; 4 routing clips; 8 #10-32 x 50 screws; 4 #12-24 x 50 screws; 12 1/8 x 4-in tie wraps, white; 3 spiral wraps, 2 ft; central member strain-relief clamp kit; bracket for mounting UCC clamp; universal cable clamp (UCC) kit with 5 cable inserts
Dimensions (HxWxD) 279.4 mm 562.1 mm 482.6 mm (11 in 22.13 in 19 in )

Splice Tray Bracket, For PCH-04U

Part Number: PC4-GOV-SPLC Units per Delivery: 1/1
Splice Tray Bracket

Lock Kits, Contains one lock with two keys

Part Number: HDWR-LOCK-KIT Units per Delivery: 1/1
Door Lock Kit, can be installed on the front and/or back doors of the Lanscape housings; comes with one lock and two keys.

Universal Cable Clamp, Strain-Relief Kit, includes one cable clamp

Part Number: UCC-001 Units per Delivery: 1/1
Universal Cable Clamp Strain-Relief Kit, to be used with PCX-STRN

PCH Rear Slack Storage, For PCH-04U

Part Number: PC4-SLK-D24 Units per Delivery: 1/1
PCH Rear Slack Storage

Front Metal Plates and Grommets, For PCH-04U

Part Number: PC4-SIDE-PLT Units per Delivery: 5/1
Front Metal Plates and Grommets

Splice Tray Bracket, For PCH-04U

Part Number: PC4-SPLC-12SR Units per Delivery: 1/1
Splice Tray Bracket

PCH Strain-Relief Bracket, PCH-04U, accepts up to 2 UCC kits (UCC-001)

Part Number: PC4-STRN Units per Delivery: 1/1
Strain-Relief Bracket, will accept up to two Universal Cable Clamp Kits (UCC-001).

PCH Flush Mount Brackets, PCH-04U (1 set)

Part Number: PC4-BKT-FLSH Units per Delivery: 1/1
PCH Flush Mount Brackets

Pretium EDGE® Extension and Flush Mount Bracket, for mounting 4U housings into 23-in racks or cabinets

Part Number: PC4-BKT-23 Units per Delivery: 1/1
Corning designed the Pretium EDGE hardware solution to fit into standard 19-in racks. However, extension brackets are available to allow for installation within 23-in racks, as well as a flush-mount bracket for the EDGE-01U housing.

PCH Replacement Accessory, Routing Clips

Part Number: PCH4-CLIP-L-JMPR-4 Units per Delivery: 1/1

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