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Screw Terminal Station Protectors, Screw Terminal, TandAction™ Hybrid protection

Part Number: SPD 356-XY

The SPD 356-XY TandAction™ Hybrid Station Protector employs a heavy-duty 3-element gas tube matched with solid-state MOVs (metal oxide varistors). The level of protection is improved compared to ordinary gas tube protectors by coordinating the operating voltages of the MOVs and the gas tube. The MOV operates first, providing rapid response to fast rising voltage surges, while the gas tube provides the high energy protection so important on residential telephone circuits. The result is better protection for analog and digital electronic equipment connected to the telephone network plus long protector service life.TandAction™ Hybrid Station Protectors provide improved service life even when exposed to severe temperature and humidity cycling compared to gas tubes with backup air gaps. Life shortening intermittent noise and erratic operation, due to backup air gap contamination, are eliminated with the use of solid-state MOVs. Furthermore, the heavy-duty 3-element gas tube protects against both longitudinal and metallic (transverse) surges by grounding tip and ring connections simultaneously. If a sustained power surge causes abnormal current flow on the telephone line, the fail-safe design permanently shorts the line to ground.

Part Number SPD 356-XY
Product Description Screw Terminal, TandAction™ Hybrid protection

Features And Benefits

  • Coordinated hybrid MOV/gas tube protection
    Fast reaction to voltage surges, reduces "no fault found" trouble reports and extends service life
  • Heavy-duty 3-element gas tube
    High-energy capability with balanced operation
  • Sealed housing
    Withstands severe temperature and humidity cycles
  • Category 3 compliant
    Compatible with high-speed data services

General Specifications

Product Type Network Interface Devices (NIDs)


Approvals and Listings RUS

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.5 in x 0.75 in x 2.25 in (3.8 cm x 1.91 cm x 5.72 cm)
Weight 0.11 lb (0.045 kg)

Electrical characteristics (at 20°C)

DC Operating Voltage (Line Ground) +- 300 V to +- 500 V at < 2000 V/s
Impulse Operating Voltage (Line-Ground) < +- 500 V at 100 V/µs V
Impulse Operating Voltage (Line-Ground) . < +- 600 V at 1000 V/µs V
Impulse Operating Voltage (Line-Ground) < +- 800 V at 10000 V/µs V
Insulation Resistance (IR) > 1000 MΩ at +- 100 V DC
Capacitance 65 pF typical at 1 Vrms (1 MHz) 0 VDC bias typical line to line
Impulse Reset/DC Holdover Extinguishes within 150 ms at: 52.5 V DC limited to 260 mA
Impulse Reset/DC Holdover . Extinguishes within 150 ms at: 135 V DC limited to 200 mA
Service Life — Lightning Surge Current +- 500 A, 10/1000 µs/Side for 600 Operations 10 kA, 8/20 µs/Side for 1 Operation 65 A, 60 Hz, 1.1 cycles/Side for 1 Operation

Shipping Information

Quantity 50
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.75 in 12 in 8.5 in (4.4 cm 30 cm 22 cm )
Shipping Weight 6.3 lb (2.9 kg )
Units per Delivery 50/1

Product Family Specifications

  File Type Title
Screw Terminal Universal Line Module

Standard Recommended Procedures (SRPs)

  File Type Title
SPD 356 Station Protector Module

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