FlexNAP™ Component Solutions


Corning FlexNAP™ System provides a cost-effective method of deploying optical fiber in outside plant distribution networks at speeds several times faster than traditional field installations. The FlexNAP system utilizes standard optical fiber cables upon which network access points are pre-installed at customer-specified locations along the length of the cable. The cable and network access points are tested and shipped as a complete distribution cable/terminal system.

The traditional installation of fiber terminals and closures in an outside plant environment is a time-consuming task that requires trained technicians. Job setup, cable access, splicing, terminal placement and job breakdown traditionally require three to four hours to complete for each terminal installation. Corning FlexNAP system can reduce this time by 50 percent or more per network access point. While a typical access distribution cable with terminals may require up to three full days of manpower to deploy and install, up to 10 equivalent FlexNAP system distribution cables can be installed in the same timeframe. The increased speed of cable deployment, along with the reliability of factory testing, offers significant value to the end user in the following key areas: deployment velocity, risk avoidance, workforce efficiency and capital deferment.

Corning has developed a flexible, preterminated splice closure that allows the complete cable system to conform to the drum size of most standard cable reels and prevents outside plant installers from having to deviate from standard aerial and below-ground cable placement procedures including drive-off and stationary reel methods. FlexNAP system products are compatible with standard outside plant installation equipment. The flexibility of standard fiber optic cables allows them to pass easily through blocks and rollers that are often considered standard equipment by outside plant installers. It is critical for the network access points associated with a terminal distribution cable to maintain that flexibility to ensure that the complete system is compatible with standard outside plant installation equipment

Features And Benefits
  • Factory-installed, sealed splice points (2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 fibers per tether)
    Drastically reduces field splicing with a predetermined loss at each waterproof tether attachment point (TAP)
  • Patented, flexible, preterminated access points
    Utilize traditional field installation techniques for aerial, below-grade and duct applications
  • Maximum of two tethers per attachment point
    Up to 24 fibers at each designated TAP point
  • OptiSheath® MultiPort Terminals may be configured with four, six, eight or 12 OptiTap® Connector Adapters
    Allow multiple configuration variations that are suitable for aerial, below-ground and duct applications
  • Flexible, preterminated access point terminal
    Allows the complete cable system to conform to drum size of most standard cable reels

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