OptiTip® Module Rack- and Wall-Mountable


Corning OptiTip® module rack- and wall-mountable solution is a modular set of factory-terminated components that can be easily configured into flexible point-to-point and point-to-multipoint optical links.

The OptiTip connector enables quick connection of up to 12 fibers at a time. The connector is based on the field proven MTP® connector technology encapsulated in a hardened package suitable for use in any environment. A male (pinned) version and a female (non-pinned) version are easily joined to make a watertight terminal or in-line connection. Factory installation and testing ensures reliable, low optical loss on all fibers.

OptiTip Connectors are used to terminate compact, rugged outdoor and indoor-outdoor rated cables to make multi-fiber direct trunk and extender trunk segments. These trunks or pigtails are connected to the OptiTip Module (OTM) and installed in either wall-mounted or rack-mountedhardware. Additional OTMs can be added toincrease capacity from 12-fiber to 24-fiber. OTMs are equipped with 12 SC UPC or SC APC connectors.

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Features And Benefits
  • Factory-terminated cables
    Install with no special tools
  • Compact, rugged design
    Ideal for fiber backhaul applications
  • Multifiber quick connect
    Up and running in hours rather than days
  • Factory tested
    Reliable and dependable

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